June 17, 2008

When this all started for me Mom paid for me to see a general practitioner (A DOCTOR) then she took me and paid for a CT scan then some one told her that Mercy hospital had a nero science dept. She takes me to the emergency room while the doctor there was very nice he explained to her that MS isn’t the thing an emergence room can do much about he suggested I make an appointment with the neurology dept. 8:00am the next morning she called them and the receptionist said they had just had a cancellation. Thats what got me on the fast track to where I am. During all of this Mom has paid my rent, my utility bills and the most important to me my internet bill with Cox.

Ed, mom’s husband has been very gracious during this, he is the one who told mom to pay for the CT scan. Even though there business is slow he has allowed here to help me out.

I know I have left of a hundred things she has done for me just recently but thats why I thank Jesus daily for her.


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