Physical therapy

July 17, 2008

Monday Dr. Mikawa told me that physical therapy would be good for me. He made arrangements through the hospital to set it up for me. That is a good thing my left shoulder has been hurting for a few days.

The only time I have ever herd about physical therapy was from the TV show Fraiser. I wonder if I could get a therapist like Daffney.



  1. You may want to check out physcial therapy at apta.org. it is their national association website.

  2. Hello Rick, welcome to the wonderful world of multiple sclerosis! HA! Last year I spent the summer in physical therapy because I had been dragging my right leg~remnents from a MS relapse and foot drop. Going to therapy was the best thing, they not only helped me gain leg strength, but helped me learn to increase my balance and offered help and tips on walking and preserving strength-very important! Good Luck on your treatment! Feel free to explore my blog on my journey with MS http://melissasummers.wordpress.com/

  3. Melissa;
    Thank you for your comments. I just finished my exercises for the evening. I went to your Blog. Wow!
    I know allot of people have been through this but your story seems way to familiar. The optic neuritis I had 10 years ago to the problems with heat and how much fun an MRI is.
    and I love your dog.

    Thank you

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