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Nurses and Doctors

October 7, 2008

Every other day

Every other day

Sue the BetaSeron Nurse called me today as a normal follow up. She said It was good to have a patient that never seemed to complain. That made me feel good.

I had my first appointment with Dr. Pardow last week, he had me do an eye exam and did another ultrasound. My bladder is still not emptying properly. He prescribed Flomax.


A shot to get the flu?

July 31, 2008

Physical therapy was ok yesterday. She had me work on several balance exercises. Nothing that fancy, just walking a straight line and things like that. I couldn’t do several of them. It was ok to know were I’m at now.

I’ll give myself a shot in the right arm today and I took a Tylenol cold and flu pill today, after the effects I had last time I don’t want the flu again.



July 24, 2008

Physical Therapy was no problem today. Becky the therapist isolated the pain in my left shoulder and gave me exercises to help, I am scheduled for 15 sessions, 2 a week. She also gave me a complete regiment of exercises to do daily that should help with my gape (is what she said) I guess that means walk. Hopefully it will make a difference. I just need to do the daily exercises.

I feel good about this.


Full Dosage

July 21, 2008

I gave myself a shot in my left arm today. I am up to the full dosage of the Betaseron injections now. There have been no side effects other than some soreness in my left shoulder. I think the physical therapy should help with that. I still have some lack of control in the left side of my body but nothing to extreme.


Right Arm!

July 12, 2008

The pain in my right eye seems to be better.

I’m up to .75 cc on my Betaseron injections. Other than some stiffness in the left side of my body I have had no real side effects.


Getting Blurry

July 3, 2008

My right eyesight seems to be getting worse including some pain in my right  eye.


The Lawyers come in.

June 30, 2008

Ryan Bisher and RyanI called Ryan Bisher and Ryan today.

I was turned down for social security temporary disability. My brother-in-law was approved for a problem with his toe, but ssa didn’t approve me?
Lagina, that’s right Lagina is sending me some paperwork.
She said that a 1st denial is standard and even a second but they will charge no more than $550.00 of the initial settlement as dictated by law.