Trip to the Doctor

July 15, 2008

Dr. Mikawa asked me the normal question. Then he had me walk around and ask me about my left leg. He asked me if I have been depressed. He said that the Betaseron might lead to it. I told him that now I might be?

He had me go to the main hospital for a blood test.


Right Arm!

July 12, 2008

The pain in my right eye seems to be better.

I’m up to .75 cc on my Betaseron injections. Other than some stiffness in the left side of my body I have had no real side effects.


Getting Blurry

July 3, 2008

My right eyesight seems to be getting worse including some pain in my right  eye.


The Lawyers come in.

June 30, 2008

Ryan Bisher and RyanI called Ryan Bisher and Ryan today.

I was turned down for social security temporary disability. My brother-in-law was approved for a problem with his toe, but ssa didn’t approve me?
Lagina, that’s right Lagina is sending me some paperwork.
She said that a 1st denial is standard and even a second but they will charge no more than $550.00 of the initial settlement as dictated by law.


Up the Dosage!

June 20, 2008

Sue the Betaseron nurse called this morning. I told her about the broken needle assembly she said she would make arrangments to replace the dose.
Today I will increase my dosage from .25ml to .50
Hopefully I will start noticing a change in the excarbations (flair ups) and my bad days won’t be noticed. The tremours are worse today.


How I got here from there.

June 19, 2008



This whole thing start on March 1 or Feb 29 I had felt like I was coming down with a cold (a lot of fiends were sick) I had a lot of flu like symptoms with one major difference, I couldn’t urinate it was always just a dribble. All I could think was what the TV commercials kept saying “enlarged prostate” Take our medicine. At my age it made sense. After telling mom I had a cold or the flu for a week she convinced my sister to run me up to the emergency room. No insurance so she takes me to OU medical center. I told her the whole story while we were driving down. After we got there I learned a few things like the average person feels like they really need to urinate when their bladder has about 250cc of urine. After they attached a Foley catheter to me (i won’t get into the thought of what that nurse did) They emptied over 2000cc from me -ooooooo relief=

  • 03-20

Mom took me back to the ER. They removed the foley-cath and I still couldn’t go on my own.

That same night we went back to the ER. They put it back in and said I should come see the urologist.

  • 03-27

Went to the urology clinic a OU Med center for a cystourethoscopy. They gave me 5 self cath tubes and told me to keep my bladder emptied. They had me cath myself there to show me how. No other instructions.


Dr.Watson gave me some avendart to make sure its not prostate related schedule ct


Ct scan in Yukon


Dr. Watson agreed that it could be MS


Mercy ER

Got neurologist appointment thru cancellation with Dr. Mikawa


Dr. Mikawa scheduled an MRI

Daria took me to appt.

Dr. Mikawa called me at home that night to see if I could come back tomarrow.

Dr. Mikawa had set up a room for me that afternoon. He called my cell while I was being admitted.

He had another MRI set up for me that day.

The day Dr Mikawa had me come down for the MRI scan OU Med center called me to say they should be make an appointment to see a neurologist sometime after the first of the year



June 17, 2008

When this all started for me Mom paid for me to see a general practitioner (A DOCTOR) then she took me and paid for a CT scan then some one told her that Mercy hospital had a nero science dept. She takes me to the emergency room while the doctor there was very nice he explained to her that MS isn’t the thing an emergence room can do much about he suggested I make an appointment with the neurology dept. 8:00am the next morning she called them and the receptionist said they had just had a cancellation. Thats what got me on the fast track to where I am. During all of this Mom has paid my rent, my utility bills and the most important to me my internet bill with Cox.

Ed, mom’s husband has been very gracious during this, he is the one who told mom to pay for the CT scan. Even though there business is slow he has allowed here to help me out.

I know I have left of a hundred things she has done for me just recently but thats why I thank Jesus daily for her.